Non-Profit Service

Premier Liquidations offers a unique service to non-profit organizations. We're passionate about helping churches and other organizations that exist to serve the local community. Aaron Sarvis has worked many years in the non-profit sector and understands some of the financial burdens that come with the territory. As a result, this service originated by helping churches and church members liquidate their assets to help generate cash flow. Many non-profits have items sitting around their property not being used. Some of these items have value and can help provide additional resources to the budget. We desire to help work with these organizations to sell their unused items.


"Aaron provides a valuable, turn key service by seamlessly selling our used surplus equipment allowing us to put money back into ministry while freeing up storage space."

Chip Vincent
June 2013
Business Administrator
Burnt Hickory Baptist Church
Some items we sell for non-profits include:
  • Unused Audio Equipment
  • Furniture, Desks, Chairs
  • Musical Instruments
  • Excess Tools
  • Vans or Buses
  • Video Equipment
  • Church Décor

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