Residential Service

Premier Liquidations cater to homeowners, estate inheritors, renters, and collectors. We believe that we have found the best ways to sell your items quickly and produce exceptional financial returns. Being licensed is just one way to show you that we are serious about providing exceptional service. If you or someone you know needs help selling off some of their stuff then we can help.


  • We know many people are going through foreclosures or bankruptcies and need money quickly to start a new life. Our services can help make this difficult transition bearable, and help you ease into a fresh.
  • Others might have a basement or attic that is packed full of items that are taking up space and need to be removed. Instead of paying a junk removal service or having a yard sale that takes up your entire weekend, Premier Liquidations can make the process simple, convenient, and put extra money in your pocket.


  • Some people have collections that need to be sold to help raise money for college education, help pay the bills, or a thousand other reasons. Premier Liquidations work with local appraisers and collectors to help assess the value of your items as well as find a buyer quickly.

Estate Inheritors

  • Inheriting an estate can bring many mixed emotions. Sometimes making decisions about an estate and its contents can be overwhelming. We strive to help make this process as easy as possible by supplying you with the resources to make the most responsible decision regarding your estate.


"Aaron Sarvis and Premier Liquidations have provided a valuable estate service for my family. They worked well to meet our needs and exceeded our expectations. I would recommend their service to anyone that needed to downsize or sell their entire estate. Wonderful service and wonderful people! Thank you Aaron!"

Ken and Beverly Levin
July 2013
Marietta, Ga
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